Terra Nova World Editor V0.70 Release 1
Also known as Terra Nova Terrain Editor.

Editor documentation
Contains all files that remained of Jörg's site in

Resolution 1.0
A Windows program that displays .res files like a hex editor, except with chunks and blocks separated.

Gigamap 1.2
Create huge texture maps of TN terrains. Make maps, wallpapers, renders... Imagemagick is required.

Static 1.7
Exports and imports heightmaps from Terra Nova levels. For terrain editing, try Wilbur or EarthSculptor.

High-res objects for Terra Nova
High-res objects for System Shock
These programs will scale the default object textures to higher resolutions.

Resource extractor for System Shock v2.4
Extracts all graphics, sounds and text from .res files. By Vasily Volkov.

Savegame compilation
Saves for missions 1-37.

Operation "Stone Henge"
A new level for the demo.

Enhanced text for System Shock
Changes the old text to match the audio of the CD version.

Increased brightness for Ultima Underworld 1 & 2
Download this file if you think that the UW dungeons are too dark to be playable.

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