Topic:    Terra Nova Battle Guide
Date:     25 Feb 2012
The long out-of-print Terra Nova strategy guide can be downloaded from Pix's Origin Adventures.

Topic:    Updated ResViewer
Date:     16 Aug 2010
Heads up: ResViewer development has been picked up by a different programmer, who recently released a new version.

Topic:    Resolution 1.0
Date:     24 May 2010
Examining .res files is tedious without a dedicated GUI program, so I learned enough Win32 programming to write one.

Topic:    High-res objects for Terra Nova and System Shock
Date:     23 Jul 2009
Two graphical updates for two games, using two different methods. The programs replace the existing object textures (for all 3D models) with larger ones, resulting in slightly improved graphics.

Topic:    Static 1.7
Date:     22 May 2008
The quite old Static 1.0 has been replaced by Static 1.7. Although not perfect, it's a significant improvement (proper heightmaps, importing...).

Topic:    Enhanced text for System Shock
Date:     3 Feb 2008
Now something for System Shock: a modded cybstrng.res where the text actually matches the audio of the game. I wrote the transcript years ago (revised many times ever since), but until now didn't have the necessary tools to replace the old text.

Topic:    Gigamap 1.2
Date:     5 Jan 2008
Gigamap updated to version 1.2. No new features, but processing time has been reduced by 20...80% compared to the previous version.

Topic:    Gigamap 1.1, Underworld brightness mod
Date:     17 Jun 2007
Gigamap has received a small and final update. Sadly, a new version of Static (95% done) is on hold until I find a suitable heightmap editor for it. Meanwhile, enjoy playing Ultima Underworld with my brightness mod.

Topic:    Map format and related extractors
Date:     4 feb 2007
I have coded two programs for extracting TN map information: Gigamap (texture maps) and Static (heightmaps). Information about the map format is documented in a text file found in the docs section.

Topic:    Old TN fansite found, major update ensues
Date:     4 dec 2006
I found Jörg's previous Terra Nova fansite after browsing the TTLG news archives. All files were recovered from the Internet archive, including the programs. The documentation zip has been updated, so download it again even if you already have it. I have also added ss_xtrac, Operation "Stone Henge" and five new links.

Topic:    Welcome
Date:     16 oct 2006
Message Terminus: SFC Headquarters, terminal 17D, Nikola ap Io
Transmission received from: SFC Headquarters, terminal 01A, Gigaquad
Sender: Gigaquad, ID# G04-ST
Authcode 0004 confirmed


Welcome to base. For your information, be aware that all OFFICIAL messages are sent Through the Looking Glass. Don't fall for the "note on the door" trick again. Things are still a little rough around here, as we settle in and figure out the editor.

I'm glad to have you aboard, good luck creating your upcoming missions.

- Gigaquad

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